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A Clever Label is an investigative documentary experience for desktop VR, free on Steam. Explore the web of powerful individuals behind opposition to the rights of LGBTQIA+ folk. Pull on threads to reveal income sources and draw your own conclusions.

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A distant planet. A dying colony. A deadly conspiracy. Ticket to Earth is a unique fusion of turn-based tactics, tile-matching puzzle, and story-driven RPG. This epic sci-fi saga of insurrection unites four unlikely heroes, defending a desperate group of colonists abandoned by their wealthy masters.

LED: Light Extraction Droid, is a top-down 2D rogue-like twin-stick shooter. Play as Merlin, a futuristic robot detective, wandering through a randomly generated level, defeating members of the Lightbulb Gang, collecting upgrades and finding the three Key Cards to restore the light to Light City!

Futuristic escape adventure!
- Uncover the secret of the outbreak
- Explore the space station before it self-destructs
- Find clues to help you escape
- Beat the countdown clock
- Fly through space
- Find the hidden ship to get rescued
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