Alex Stevens

Extending Editor Utilities: Easily Build Viewport Tools in Unreal Engine

Tim Tam Slam Arena, 10:30 AEDT

Are you curious about amalgamating the power of C++ with Blueprints and Editor Utilities to build tools without blowing budgets? Do you want to build viewport tools using mostly editor utilities and only a minimal amount of C++? Well, this is the talk for you.

Alex from Epic Games for a dive into tools development within Unreal Engine. This talk covers an equal amount of C++, Blueprints, and Editor Utilities, and is suitable for folks with programming experience.

Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens - @MilkyEngineer

Alex, a Mechatronic engineer turned game developer, is an Unreal Engine Evangelist that has been working with Unreal Engine since 2012. He has a taste for bleeding-edge tech, and as such has a soft spot for Virtual Reality and the new technical challenges it provides. Primarily working in the Australian independent games scene as a programmer, he’s also worked extensively as a consultant and contractor in the VR, education, and simulation industries.

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